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Review – Seussical, Arts Theatre

Wednesday 12 December 2012


Picture this. Two middle-aged men in the stalls of the Arts Theatre surrounded by nippers and their charges at one o’clock of a Sunday afternoon. It all sounds so horribly wrong doesn’t it? We felt horribly self-conscious. The disguise of straw wigs, track suits and cigars probably didn’t help. Nor did Phil’s throwaway comment that the Whingers had come to Sueussical seeking their inner children.

Anyway, although we knew that Lynn Ahren’s and Stephen Flaherty‘s 2000 Broadway musical wouldn’t really be aimed at us. we didn’t realise we would be seeing the “Theatre for Young Audiences Version” which contains significant changes to the Broadway version including the removal what Wikipedia tantalisingly refers to as “the entire military subplot”.

Anyway, having now looked at the label carefully we shall try and re-examine the contents of the tin with that in mind. Read the rest of this entry »