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Review – Jiggery Pokery, Battersea Arts Centre

Saturday 5 December 2009

Here’s a brain teaser for you: WEW favourite and Kneehigh regular Amanda Lawrence plays comedy legend Charles Hawtrey (and about 50 other roles besides) in an 80 minute one-woman show. Why on earth would Phil not be there?

Could it be something to do with that old, inconvenient art-holding-a-mirror-up-to-life thing? What could it be that strikes fear into Phil in the true story story of a sad has-been who spends his days pickled in gin, is despised by his neighbours for his drunken foul language, insists on writing cheques to pay for his cab fares while making drunken passes at the cabby and is barred from every public house in the area?

It doesn’t do to dwell on such questions so we shall move swiftly on. Read the rest of this entry »