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Review – Relative Values, Harold Pinter Theatre

Monday 31 March 2014

relativevaluesJust like buses. Two Trevor Nunns in a row.

Not intentional. Just the way it happened. But if Fatal Attraction is his (probably) doomed bendy bus of directorial offerings, Relative Values (which has been knocking around since kicking off the Theatre Royal Bath’s summer season last year) is his Routemaster; vintage and offering a far more agreeable ride.

Hard to say too much about Noël Coward‘s 1951 whimsy without giving too much of the endearingly implausible plot away. Phil isn’t sure if he’s seen it on stage before though he saw the 2000 film starring Julie Andrews, yet can remember little of it except that it concerns – particularly in this production – the unlikeliest pair of siblings since De Vito and Schwarzenegger in Twins.

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Review – A Chorus Line, London Palladium

Monday 18 February 2013

9715_full“Is there anyone in it?” queried Andrew on the marathon trek from Palladium street entrance to stalls seat.

“Someone from Eastenders you won’t have heard of and a Strallen” replied Phil. “The one that was in Singin’ in the Rain“.

As long as there are tights to be worn, taps to be tapped and hooves to be hoofed there will be Strallens. Strallens are born to dance. No doubt they enter this world high-kicking in the default position of one leg at 85 degrees with a shapely calf pressed to the face.

The Whingers were, rather unusually, both quite looking forward to A Chorus Line (book James Kirkwood, Jr. and Nicholas Dante, lyrics Edward Kleban, music Marvin Hamlisch) although were a tad concerned that the show, so innovative in its day (not so far off 40 years ago) and receiving its first West End revival, might not have aged well, especially with its showbizzy American navel-gazing. Read the rest of this entry »