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Review – Fascinating Aida, Greenwich Theatre

Tuesday 3 November 2009

silver_jubilee_cd_smallOk, so the Whingers may be slightly less than mildly famous for declaring their lack of interest in most things, so now is the time to declare an interest for once.

The Whingers know Adèle Anderson. Got that? Yes, poor thing. She has even displayed extraordinary compassion by turning up at all of the West End Whingers’ parties to date, performed sterling work presenting the raffle prizes and adding the touch of glamour so otherwise lacking at Whingers’ shindigs (yes, we mean YOU). Read the rest of this entry »

Review – Fascinating Aida, Jermyn Street Theatre

Thursday 22 May 2008

Fascinating Aida flyerPhil was having one of his republican days.

No, not that kind of Republican: say “McCain” and Phil thinks “oven chips”; say “Bush” and Phil thinks, well, not much really.

No, “republican” as in “not that struck on the monarchy”.

Now do not be dismayed at this rather late excursion into anarchy: it will all be over by tomorrow. Sharper-eyed denizens of Kentish Town may catch him fishing his collection of Princess Anne & Captain Mark Phillips wedding knick-knacks out of his dustbin in order to restore them to their pride of place on his mantelpiece. Read the rest of this entry »