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Review – The Pajama Men: In the Middle of No One, Assembly Hall, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Saturday 3 September 2011

Our very last Edinburgh post. Honest.

Two men, two chairs, two pairs of pajamas and a musician. Two Whingers in the audience, one who swears by the snugglement of his flannelette PJs and one who eschews them, preferring to go “au buffo”. In all probability that’s more than you might care to think about.

The images conjured up by The Pajama Men are not quite so horribly graphic but in their own way almost as unimaginable. Perky, quirky Albuquerque (try saying that after a few libations) comedy duo Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez produce surreal, clever, multi-character comedy woven into a story “about” time-travel, aliens, explorers and the funniest South American bird ever to grace a bar.

This has been one of the big hits of the fringe and had been overlooked by the Whingers in its various earlier appearances at the Soho Theatre. So, with the news that it’s coming to the West End, we  felt it was only polite to pop our heads round the door of the mysteriously named Rainy Hall at the Assembly Hall.

Perhaps Fringe fatigue was finally catching up with the Whingers as we were initially mildly baffled and irritated at their overdone “corpsing”. But with a gradual stealth, the pajama men  seduced us into a stage of quiet amusement. All around the audience was howling with laughter but for some reason the mouths of the Whingers – despite being permanently turned upwards at the edges, remained as tightly closed as The Pajama Men’s sewn up flies.

And yet and yet… we did find some moments very funny. There were moments of comedic brilliance and indeed we are still quoting one line tirelessly.

Eventually as the strange, apparently unrelated, comedy sketches drew together to a vaguely coherent conclusion we were pulled in like the drawstring of a jim-jam’s waistband.

Perhaps this may have been the Whingers’ subconcious vested interest. The dismissive definition of a blogger by CNN president Jonathan Klein was of “a guy sitting in his living room in his pyjamas.” Proving him, in the Whingers’ case, 50% accurate.

Notwithstanding the Whingers’ initial resistance, Phil declared he would be happy to see them again another time.

A shame that The PJ Men are unlikely to return the compliment.