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Zero Stars Hall Of Fame: update

Tuesday 8 June 2010

This just in: “It is quite impossible to imagine what detail in this witless, pointless show might have struck anyone as even the germ of a good idea”. We are sure you don’t need to be told what show Georgina Brown was referring to in her Mail On Sunday review. We feel privileged to admit it to the West End Whingers’ illustrious Zero Stars Hall of Fame.

And in case you missed it, playwright David Hare was admitted to the Zero Stars Hall of Fame earlier this year thanks to a review from the Daily Telegraph’s Charles Spencer. Mr Hare was probably unavailable for comment.

Review – Paradise Found, Menier Chocolate Factory

Tuesday 25 May 2010

We’re still a wee bit shell-shocked, to be honest. Contrary to early reports, this is NOT car-crash theatre and this is NOT train-wreck theatre. This is the theatre of  two trains colliding on a level crossing on which is stuck a Robin Reliant of orphans on their only day out of the year. With their pets.  Oh, and did we mention there was a big tanker coming in the other direction full of flammable chemicals?

Or to put it another way Paradise Found is Kismet meeting The Great Waltz via A Little Night Music, Carry On Emmannuelle and Up The Chastity Belt. Except, well, again, not so much “meets” as “crashes into”, with the wreckage strewn the length and breadth of Southwark Street.

And yet we couldn’t tear ourselves away from watching.

And we are still very much in a state of shock. Read the rest of this entry »