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Review – Spring Storm, National Theatre

Tuesday 4 May 2010

Well, come Monday evening (no, not the Bank Holiday the one before that; bear with us, we’re out of synch) the Broadway Bellyachers had finally reverted to West End Whingerhood and were feeling decidedly other-worldly. This was mostly thanks to a red-eye flight (which obviously made no difference whatsoever to the colour of Phil’s eyes) which reluctantly took off  after  a near-3 hour wait on the tarmac at JFK, the misery of which was not really entirely offset by the compensation of a single beaker of water proffered by Virgin Atlantic. What was that all that about? Don’t they know who we are?

Well, no, they don’t any more. No-one does. We’re air-side now. Our bogus minor royalty status has drained away. Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Angus McIndoe any more.

Anyway, it’s a mere 10 hours after we land and we’re at the Whingers’ most dreaded “space”: the  National Theatre‘s Cottesloe  which – let’s be honest – on previous form is hardly the likeliest of places to keep the Whingers from dropping off mid-play. And this one – Tenessee Williams’ Spring Storm is 2 3/4 hours long.

Surely the Whingers would need a Spring awakening to keep them from flagging. But then again they would be in the Cottesloe, so the chances of an interval departure seemed almost inevitable. Read the rest of this entry »