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In which the Whingers invoice Mr Grandage

Sunday 14 November 2010

It has been a draining week for the Whingers thanks to the Donmar Warehouse’s new improved priority booking which is no longer conducted by mail but on the telephone.

Apparently there are advantages to the new system:

  • KNOW YOUR SEATS RIGHT AWAY (The ones that the higher priority members such as “Wigs” didn’t want)
  • FASTER TURNAROUND (“ensuring faster delivery of your tickets to your home”)

and our favourite:

  • NO BOOKING FEE. “As a membership benefit, the normal ATG booking fee of £2.50 will be waived during this period. Should you wish, however, to make a donation to the Donmar to the value of the booking fee the sales representative will collect it at the time of your call.”

Since there wasn’t a booking fee under the previous system this hardly warrants the term “benefit” and anyway the cost of the 0844 telephone call to get the tickets was £6.