The Zero Stars Hall of Fame

Thursday 22 November 2007

People (well, Ian Shuttleworth) have kindly been keeping us abreast of shows which have achieved the distinction of being awarded zero stars by a critic.

It seems criminal for these relatively rare instances not to be recorded somewhere for posterity and no-one else is doing it so it would seem that the West End Whingers have ipso facto become the repository for this valuable historical archive.

To this end, we have created The Zero Stars Hall of Fame so that these theatrical achievements may be recorded and revered by future generations.

In case you haven’t been reading the comments on the site (And why should you? We don’t) there has been a flurry of no-star reviews of late: Sam Marlow in The Times on The Dorchester (“it makes ’Allo ’Allo look like Noël Coward”) and yet another from the iconoclastic Lyn Gardner in The Guardian for The Bicycle Men (“an American theatre comedy show so puerile and unfunny that it makes you doubt the presence of intelligent life forms in that field?”).

Full details of all these and many, many more (well, two more) on our Zero Stars Hall of Fame.

Please alert the Whingers to any new ones, and many thanks to Ian Shuttleworth for his unceasing vigilance in the matter.
PS: For future reference, the ZSHOF can always be accessed from our page menu which is waaaaaay down the bottom on the left (Didn’t know we had one? Don’t worry, neither did Phil).

3 Responses to “The Zero Stars Hall of Fame”

  1. If I remember rightly Toby Young’s A Right Royal Farce got zero stars in the Standard…

  2. Andy Field Says:

    You might want to dig out Lyn G’s review for <Menopause the musical:

    Offering less of a rosy glow and more of a long cold douche of the soul, Menopause the Musical is the least competent and most cynical piece of theatre to hit London since the Blue Man Group.

  3. Andy Field Says:

    Oops… just bothered actually checking your vaults and it’s already there.

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