They Remember it Well…

Saturday 16 August 2008

…well, not so well actually.

In fact the Whingers remember very little these days and are frequently at odds with each other about who was in what and whether they fled at the interval or not. No wonder Andrew is frequently entreating Phil to “Write it down!“.

But they can still remember the delightful Regent’s Park Open Air production of Gigi, but then they did see it only last Tuesday.

So to whet your appetite for the production, here’s the famous song “I Remember it Well” performed in what the Whingers consider its definitive version:

Or if you’d rather see something closer to Phil and Andrew’s party piece, here’s the original from the film Gigi with Maurice Chevalier and the wonderful Hermione Gingold :

And, for the hell of it, here’s just why Hermione Gingold was so wonderful, as she tries to fox the panel on “What’s My Line?“:

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