Stars and their Websites

Tuesday 22 May 2007

The Whingers spend many a happy hour researching their links and occasionally unearth a few treasures.

Many stars have fantastic websites unashamedly selling themselves, (and their merchandise) and who can blame them?images1.jpg

So in the interest of your needs, the Whingers have made it very easy for you:

Prolific Mark Wynter is a particular favourite. He’s been in just about everything and sells autographed photos for £10, reduced to £7 if you buy one of his CD’s too. This really is a fantastic site, take the phone off the hook and enjoy.

Elaine Paige’s is, as expected, a very professional job, though the Whingers suspect she got someone else to “Write it down!”.

sue_pollard_003.jpgSue Pollard (left) describes herself as “crazy and zany” you’d never guess looking at her subdued MySpace site. She invites people to get in touch with her but adds ominously, “Please note I am no longer in touch with Ruth Madoc”.

Christopher Biggins has seemingly bought his domain name but not got around to doing anything with it yet; the page enticingly states,”Coming soon for all your Christopher Biggins needs!”, The Whingers can hardly wait as they have many Christopher Biggins needs. However, possibly, he is – like many other high profile figures – the victim of a cybersquatter.

Amongst the many joys of Bonnie Langford’s site she offers signed photos from £6.50 to £12.50, but for die-hard Bonnie fans this season’s must-have is surely a full length portrait for a massive £69.95 which probably works out at £2 per foot. Cheap really when you consider you’re getting Bonnie mounted.

Ruthie Henshall apologises to her fans who booked tickets on the strength of her appearing in The Night of a Thousand Voices from which she pulled out. Lets hope it’s not because she’s “taking a break” so she can spend “quality time with Lily and Dolly”. (Presumably these are her children not her cats – the Whingers really couldn’t be bothered to go any further on this one).

Broadway diva Betty Buckley has a very stylish site with some interesting scribbles the Whingers are still trying to work out.

Speaking of divas, Lesley Garrett’s is similarly stylish, how does she find the time when she couldn’t manage eight shows a week in The Sound of Music? There’s a whole selection of her reviews and strangely all of them are good. Of her role as the Mother Abbess she modestly quotes: “..the true12_00_2611_8_06.jpg star is Lesley Garrett”. Strange that, the Whingers thought it was Connie Fisher.

Carol Channing’s is particularly compulsive and you get a full musical accompaniment. The Whingers were impressed that her son was shortlisted for a Pulitzer Prize and delighted that she’s found happiness again “with her childhood sweetheart after a separation of 70 years”. WEW were also pleased to see she’s still touring in America, Phil had to grab Andrew’s legs to stop him rushing off to the airport. You could spend all day on this site, and the Whingers probably will.

Yes it’s a wonderful world out there and the Whinger’s will be bringing you more website delights in the very near future.

8 Responses to “Stars and their Websites”

  1. Bis Says:

    This has to be one of the best postings ever, and deserves its own website. But how can you miss modest Lesley Garrett posting a Mail on Sunday review which points out that she is “the Geri Halliwell of opera” ?

  2. M/N Says:

    This is fantastic! I am now going to spend the day doing no work at all and looking at these sites instead!!

  3. John Says:

    Excellent stuff…it’s great that you guys have nothing better to do….

  4. westendwhinger Says:

    Yes, thanks everbody, we’re rather pleased with out ourselves.
    And because we really don’t have anything better to do we’re working on a follow up..

  5. vauxhallmark Says:

    Thank you for those – Carol’s is definitely the best!

    Two questions on that website:

    1. How did you boys resist nicking that sparkly star background for the whingers’ page?

    2. How may people to we have to get together to book Carol to make a “theatrical housecall” in her new One Woman Show; “The First Eighty Years are the Hardest”?

    Lastly one question for everyone – DR Carol Channing – who knew?


  6. westendwhinger Says:

    Yes Mark, shall we empty our purses and have a whip-round?
    Perhaps we could get her to walk onto our stage “in a silver mini dress with sequins the size of quarters”.

    A new day is a new dawn. Hope is as strong as ever.


  7. John – regarding your comment about the Whingers “not having anything better to do” – I feel I should tell you that Phil got so distracted writing this that he skipped two dialysis sessions and a court appearance in which he was due to defend yet another spurious, trumped-up drunk and disorderly charge.

  8. Chris Says:

    LOL the Carol Channing website is hysterical…

    What with the Carols that disappear when you roll your mouse over them and the fact that she displays ‘The Queen Mum’ as a Friend…. BRILLIANT!!!

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