West End Whingers Second Annual Party. Part 2.

Sunday 13 April 2008

And here are the pics to prove it really happened.

[rockyou id=109591892&w=426&h=319]

8 Responses to “West End Whingers Second Annual Party. Part 2.”

  1. mark I Says:

    Thanks for a great night, Whingers!

  2. City Slicker Says:

    Thanks for a great party!

    Do we really have to wait a whole year for the next one?

  3. Natasha Says:

    Indeed, thank you for a wonderfully entertaining evening.

  4. Graham Says:

    Thank you so much – we all had a great time and then just when we thought it couldn’t get any better along came Una’s mug, which completed a fabulous night.

  5. It was indeed a lovely evening – great venue, and excellent company.

  6. mark I Says:

    @ Graham – has the bidding war started yet among the major museums for possession of your marvelous whinghers hat? My money’s on the V&A, but who knows?

  7. Graham Says:

    Mark, it’s funny you should mention the hat. The V&A have shown some interest, but apparently Kylie heard about it and her people contacted my people and it’s being incorporated into her next show.

  8. Hank Says:

    We had a hilarious time actually with some adjustments to our original perceptions.

    In regards to Una’s mug, I took umbridge with it.

    Where did get off with piece of racist crap?

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