Phil does Jacko (in vegetables): Lambeth Country Show flower show report vol 2.

Monday 20 July 2009

The Whingers have been vegging out again.King Edward of Pop

Yes this weekend it was that time of year – the Lambeth Country Show 2009 – when the Whingers whipped out their trusty potato peelers to prove that creative inspiration is not only confined to the stages of (one or two) West End theatres.

After last year’s huge success and subsequent media furore in the Vegetable Figure category with their almost entirely theatrically unrelated “Amy Greenhouse” creation the only way was down.

King Edward of PopSo with their clammy, shaking hands fingering the zeitgeist and flexing their kitchen tools they came up with this little work of art as an homage to Michael Jackson. And as one of three creations honouring the recently deceased legend their chances of sweeping the board again were as slim as their creative inspiration.

Sadly, as usual, the Whingers hadn’t left themselves nearly enough time to do it properly so the idea of a full length Michael Jackson presented in a gold casket had to be ditched.

Although their “King Edward of Pop” didn’t even warrant a top three placing (presumably because the three Jackos cancelled each other out: and “veg sculpting” has  strangely become a much more popular category than last year) they took pleasure in the knowledge that the winning entry had used wool in its construction, which is animal matter, not vegetable matter and is therefore cheating in their humble opinions.

Not that the Whingers are bitter but they have harvested enough sour grapes this weekend to produce something really spectacular next year.

Anyway, here are some of this year’s entries.

Lambeth Country Show vegetable figures 1

Lambeth Country Show vegetable figures 5

Lambeth Country Show vegetable figures 4

Lambeth Country Show vegetable figures 2

This was the winner (in the background, obviously).

Lambeth Country Show vegetable figures 3


11 Responses to “Phil does Jacko (in vegetables): Lambeth Country Show flower show report vol 2.”

  1. jmc Says:

    I find these figures very unnerving – more horrific even than the nightmare creations of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

  2. Ed Says:

    Nice to see creativity flourishing in South London! Nothing could ever top your immortal Amy Greenhouse 🙂

  3. Rev Stan Says:

    Robbed! I feel I am partly to blame as I didn’t attend this year and offer up the same level of promotion (albeit inadvertently) via my humble blog.

  4. […] Check out the other entries including a King Edward Potato of Pop, Michael Jackson carving by the West End Whingers. The Mayor and Mayoress of Lambeth are fast becoming the area’s most amazing personalities. […]

  5. Love this article. The last comment about the winner had me laughing out loud!

  6. Clara Says:

    I’m still gutted that my ‘Sheryl the Sheep’ didn’t get placed. However just about managed to console myself with several large glasses of beer. It looks like i’ll need to raise my game next year…my potato peeler’s to the ready! King Edward of Pop soooooo should have won. He was robbed by that cheating lady! Grrrr

  7. […] Phil does Jacko (in vegetables) The late king of pop recreated in potatoes and tomatoes. See also a cauliflower sheep and a penguin made from aubergine. […]

  8. davonthego Says:

    Jako was great but I really loved that cauliflower sheep.

  9. sandown Says:

    The Whingers should obviously go back to the giants of the modern theatre for inspiration for their 2010 entry.

    I suggest a pumpkin base to represent Sir Harold Planter, with a small tree rising from it in the shape of Sir Trevor Plum, and a stuffed bird sitting on it to convey Sir Tweeter Hall.

    It would be well artistic.

  10. Charkenn Says:

    It’s very well done!

    two thumbs up!

    hooray! I really like it. very artistic!

    Keep up the good work!

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