Putting the Drowsy in Chaperone

Saturday 21 April 2007

Drowsy Chaperone - putting gin in originalThe producers of Broadway transfer The Drowsy Chaperone are obviously desperate to seduce the Whingers. Or just desperate.

In a previous blog the Whingers noted the strange wording in their promotions. Now, presumably having taken heed from WEW, they’ve come up with another tag line in their ads, which have surely been worded specifically to woo the Whingers alcohol marinated hearts.

The ad, which features the heavily retouched titular star Miss Elaine Paige, making her barely recognisable, look absolutely lovely, now features the more enticing (well to the Whingers anyway) line: “Putting the ‘gin’ in original”.

Andrew can be partial to a bit of mother’s ruin of an evening, but he might have been even more impressed if it had tempted him with the grape. “Putting the wine in showiness” perhaps?

Those clever Drowsy chappies have inspired Phil to pose Andrew for some Whingers publicity. He’s going to photograph Andrew with one of his cats draped round his neck, martini in hand, and with a bit of Photoshop trickery take about 150 years off his age. “Putting the ‘gin’ in Whinging”.

16 May 2007. Footnote: We saw it and this this what we thought.

One Response to “Putting the Drowsy in Chaperone”

  1. Anders Says:

    You might consider adding some w(h)ining to the whinge?

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