In which Phil uses his loaf for once

Friday 30 October 2009

Time Out Letter of the Week As readers of Time Out magazine will already know, Phil has been very busy of late. The listings magazine had (foolishly, as they no doubt now realise) challenged readers to send in pictures of London landmarks rendered in food.

The prospect of winning a bottle of Tattinger Champagne meant that Phil didn’t need asking twice and immediately set to work representing the National Theatre in bread (with an appropriate sliver of ham), that institution having swallowed quite a bit of the Whingers’ dough over the years (geddit?).

Three days of industry and this is what emerged:

National Theatre in bread 2

National Theatre in bread 1

Feeling strangely inspired by his result (and the Whingers’ recent visit to Petra) Phil next set about carving the cheesy Old Vic out of a block of mature cheddar, having signally failed with an attempt to immortalise the iconic theatre using baked beans as a tribute to its current production.

The Old Vic in cheddar cheese

Bread, cheese, ham? Expect to see a new theatrically named sandwich appearing in West End branches of Prêt A Manger any day now.

And once Phil got to thinking about the Old Vic’s auditorium when in its CQS space phase there was no stopping him as the results below can testify.

mmm-pizza_thumbThrilled having finally found a purpose in life, Phil has announced a raft of future theatre/food projects which will include the Red Leicester Square Theatre, Savoy Cabbage Theatre, London Pearladium, Duchess Potato Theatre, Lycheeum Theatre, Fortune Cookie Theatre, Duke of Pork’s, King Edward Theatre, Quince of Wales, Piccalilli Theatre and of course the Victoria Sponge Palace.

3 Responses to “In which Phil uses his loaf for once”

  1. sandown Says:

    How about the Greenveg Theatre, placed next to the Duke of Fork’s ?

  2. J.A. Says:

    The Orange Tree or Rosemary Branch?

  3. Liz Says:

    Inspired. Almost good enough to eat.

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