Goodbye Yvonne De Carlo

Thursday 11 January 2007

Yvonne De CarloGoodbye, Yvonne De Carlo;

You were in the original production of Follies;

You sang “I’m Still Here”;

But unfortunately you’re not any more.

(with apologies to E.J. Thribb)

Yvonne De Carlo (nee Peggy Yvonne Middleton)
B. 1 September 1922
D. 8 January 2007

And here is the woman herself singing that tune at the Hollywood Bowl. Shame someone accidentally taped over the middle of it…


One Response to “Goodbye Yvonne De Carlo”

  1. […] It prompts us to reflect on that feeling we get when we hear that someone famous has died and our first thought is, “Again?”. That was certainly our response to the recent death of Yvonne de Carlo. […]

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